January 2017 News

Happy New year everyone!  I hope this year brings you wonderful new beginnings full of thriving creativity.  In this newsletter you’ll find my 2016 artworks, news of new gallery representation and the first of my wet on wet you tube videos.

Gallery Announcement

I’m please to announce that 2017 sees me represented at The David Giles Art Studios in High Street, Fremantle, http://davidgilesartistudios.com.au/Artist/.  I currently have three pieces on show there and will exhibit new pieces each month.  Call in and have a look!

Web Update

All artworks I created in 2016 are now uploaded in my ‘Gallery‘ for you to see and enjoy.  It was a year full of creating with 2 quite different streams of work emerging – my acrylics on canvas and then my watercolours, many of which I’ve worked into with pencils.  Then there’s all the other pieces where I’ve explored and played with colour along the way.  I’d love to hear your responses.

Wet-on-Wet Video

It’s a special experience to see how an artwork is created.  With today’s technology it’s easy to show you.  This is how ‘Guiding the Way’ came into being.  ENJOY!

I’ll publish a new video each month on my blog and web site and you can always find them at https://sharondclifford.com.au/wet-on-wet-videos/

Saturday STUDIO Mornings

Saturday mornings are for creating.  Throw off your weekly grim and enjoy the feeling of sinking into colour.   9-11.30, $25, Coolbellup. Come and join us and breath creativity.


Enjoy the lovely summer warmth, which sometimes feels too much until you think back to our long wet winter we had…

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