May 2017, NEWS


 It’s an exciting time for me at the moment with much happening artistically: I’ve been busy preparing for not one but two exhibitions – in Fremantle and Wanneroo, as well as the Lawley Art Auction for Mt Lawley Senior High School.  And I’ve also got new work almost ready to hang in The David Giles Art Studios…  So, no watercolor demo this month I’m afraid, but I hope you make time to experience some of my creations somewhere…

Artists From The Freedom School At The Moores ‘The Inner Self’

Opening Night (NEXT WEEK) Friday 12 May 6-8pm.
Exhibition open daily from 10am-4pm, on show from 12 – 28 May.
Over 20 artists exhibiting.  Below is a sneak peak of what I’ll have on show and for sale.

I’ll be manning the exhibition on Wednesday 17th from 10-4. 
I’d love to have a chat, come and see me and all our work, INSPIRATION GALORE!

Come to The Lawley Art Auction 2017

on Saturday 10th June where you will be able to bid for Indigo Landscape’ as well as artworks from many outstanding Western Australian artists.

Catalogue out soon.  Artworks will be available for viewing from 5pm, auction will commence at 7pm

'Indigo Landscape' 115x76cm (acrylic on canvas)  $680
‘Indigo Landscape’ 115x76cm acrylic on canvas

The flagship art auction for Mt Lawley Senior High School is in it’s 13th year and the artwork for selection will no doubt be of the highest quality again this year. It is the premier fundraising event for students in the Specialist Visual and Performing Arts and Music programmes at MLSHS, with all funds raised providing the students with course enhancements.

Woman of Seeds

Some of you may have watched my youtube video of ‘Woman of Seeds’ as she was painted.  She’ll be on show & for sale during May/June at the

2017 City of Wanneroo Community Art Awards & Exhibition

She’s framed and looking for her new home.

Woman of Seeds
‘Woman of Seeds’ watercolour and pencil on paper 500x350mm (unframed) $690

This exhibition is open from Sat 13 May until Sat 17 June at
The Gallery, Wanneroo Library & Cultural Centre,
3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo.

Enjoy a cultural journey & be visually inspired as you view the latest works from Western Australian artists.  Entry is free & artwork is available for purchase.

I’m afraid this opening is invitation only & is on the same night as the Moores exhibition.  I’m hoping to race from Wanneroo to Fremantle in time to get to both openings, anyone with a helicopter your assistance would be most appreciated!).

April’s portrait is called ‘Letting Go’

One of the bodies of work I’ve embarked on this year is to paint a self portrait each month.  I’m looking at how my inner life emerges as I join with colour and create my own image.
This month has certainly felt a lot different as I’ve been attempting to release some of those irky feelings that live within – and ‘Letting Go’ has emerged…

Letting Go, acrylic on canvas 500x600mm
for more details go to my “>Facebook page

New work going up at

The David Giles Art Studios
in High Street, Fremantle,
very soon. 
It represents a totally new body of work with many pieces that are smaller and cheaper. 

Saturday STUDIO Mornings

Saturday mornings are for creating.  Throw off your weekly grime and enjoy the feeling of sinking into colour.   9-11.30am, $25, Coolbellup.  We currently have students working in acrylics, pastels and watercolour veiling…

Come and join us and breathe creativity.

January 2017 News

Happy New year everyone!  I hope this year brings you wonderful new beginnings full of thriving creativity.  In this newsletter you’ll find my 2016 artworks, news of new gallery representation and the first of my wet on wet you tube videos.

Gallery Announcement

I’m please to announce that 2017 sees me represented at The David Giles Art Studios in High Street, Fremantle,  I currently have three pieces on show there and will exhibit new pieces each month.  Call in and have a look!

Web Update

All artworks I created in 2016 are now uploaded in my ‘Gallery‘ for you to see and enjoy.  It was a year full of creating with 2 quite different streams of work emerging – my acrylics on canvas and then my watercolours, many of which I’ve worked into with pencils.  Then there’s all the other pieces where I’ve explored and played with colour along the way.  I’d love to hear your responses.

Wet-on-Wet Video

It’s a special experience to see how an artwork is created.  With today’s technology it’s easy to show you.  This is how ‘Guiding the Way’ came into being.  ENJOY!

I’ll publish a new video each month on my blog and web site and you can always find them at

Saturday STUDIO Mornings

Saturday mornings are for creating.  Throw off your weekly grim and enjoy the feeling of sinking into colour.   9-11.30, $25, Coolbellup. Come and join us and breath creativity.


Enjoy the lovely summer warmth, which sometimes feels too much until you think back to our long wet winter we had…

Painting & Pastels, south-of-the river, w Sharon D Clifford

Join me on a Soul Journey in ‘After Seven’

6wks      $192     8-10am Sundays – 3 May to 7 Jun


Develop your own unique artwork by transforming colour into form.  This is a safe, nurturing & encouraging class, developed to allow a feeling of freedom in creating out of colour.

We begin this journey by sinking into a full realm of colour, creating balance & harmony between the colours  & within ourselves.  Then your soul responds to this colourful painting by blending &  tending the colours that called to you.    Thus begins your unique transformative journey of developing your own artwork from colour into form.  We will begin using the wet-on-wet painting technique & move into pastels.  Over 6 weeks we will work with your soul’s response & see what it wants to reveal & transform.  You work at your own pace, creating 1 or 2 pieces a week or working on the same piece over a few weeks.   This is your journey; you use your colours, work at your pace and develop your own original artwork.  I will be there to encourage and teach you the techniques you require to create your original piece.

I will provide the papers and paints and all tools, you need to bring a set of soft pastels (24 at least), a kneadable eraser and 2 painting boards (approx 45x59cm).  Suitable for all experience levels. Held at Perth Waldorf School, Bibra Lake


Send me a contact

2015 January 'Drawing & Seeing' class
2015 January ‘Drawing & Seeing’ class

January 2015 Painting Classes


Painting Classes w Sharon D Clifford

Soul Journeys into the Healing Realm of Colour

 Fire in the Landscape 2014 (WOW web)Standing on the Praecipe (WOW web)

‘Fire in the Landscape’ + ‘Standing at the Precipice’
Mon 12th or Wed 21st,  9–11.30am  $82
Using Wet on Wet technique enjoy complimentry colours in the landscape in 2 very different paintings.
Sun Hot Sands 2014 (WOW and VEILS web)Moon Watching (VEILS web)
‘Sun Hot Sands’ + ‘Moon Talking’
Sun 18th or Fri 23rd 9 – 12.30          $87
Using Wet on Wet & Veil painting explore the realm of enhancing colours in the heat of the day & cool of the night. ‘Geometric Veils’
Wed 14th or Sun 25th, 9 – 11am  $72
Learn the translucent technique of veil painting & discover  how colours play in layers, excellent for beginners.Studio Mornings w DRAWING
Sat 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st, 9-11.30am
DRAWING – learning to see & draw
$30 for 1 class, $57 for 2 or $70 for 4
work on your ‘After Seven’  metamorphosis
$20 (excl materials) or $25 (incl material fee)All classes held at my Studio in Watermans Bay.
Feb & Mar classes released Dec.


 Please use the below contact form to register your bookings or send any inquiries.


Feeling your way into colour…

To me, colour is something that lives and breaths within us and when we can get our heads around this and allow our hearts to feel it, we can then allow it to live through us. Connecting with colour is what I do in my artwork and in my life.

008Depending on where our heads and, often in turn, our hearts are, depends on how colour can live through us and out into the world.  Sometimes we only allow the tiniest space for colour to breath within us, like when you glimpse a brief memory of the intense colour of the orange you just ate.  Other times colour flows from us like a gushing river onto the page or canvas and you can’t stop interacting with it or looking at it and adding to it and breathing it in, for days. And of course there are all those in between moments  where you do stop to smell the roses and appreciate their amazing colours..009

How many times do we allow the sensations of a colour experience to be fully absorbed in your being?  Next time you go outside take a leaf or flower and hold it up towards the light, close to your eyes so that you see the light tinted by the colour.  You are seeing colour through the living veil of the plant.  Look in this way for at least a minute and feel the effect it has on you.  Take what your eye is seeing and imagine it reflecting inwardly, allowing your soul to be bathed in the colour.

When you have finished bathing note how you feel and how this colour experienced carries into your day…  Each colour has a different quality or ‘mood’ soul.  What mood did the colour you experience have, what mood did you take into the next part of your day?

If you don’t have a living colour to experience, use whatever you can, coloured glass, fabric, just begin the experience of feeling your way into colour…