about me

I’m a West Australian artist & a dedicated student of colour & creating. I work with wet on wet watercolour, acrylics, pastels & a range of textile techniques. I’m inspired by the endless interactions between colours. I explore the variations a slight change can bring to the mood that is arising, seeking for the balance that allows the colours to sing together in harmony.

A viewer brings their own stories to a piece of artwork & I like to leave the conversation open between my creations & you, the viewer. I encourage you to connect in your own unique, individual way.

I have created since I was a child, always playing, enquiring & transforming materials of some kind or another.   I trained in textiles & delighted in the many techniques that bring colours into conversation. I have taught handcraft & painting for many years. 

Currently, I create artworks with acrylics, pastels, watercolors, pencil & a range of textile techniques, from my studio in the southern suburbs of Perth.  And I paint interiors in a technique called ‘Lazure’ painting, where colours are sensitively layered onto walls in such a way that they seem to breathe with life.

My exploration of colour has spanned 26 years now and all aspects of my life have been involved.  What an amazing journey…!

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