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The below classes are available for group or individual sessions, in my studio or a location of your choice.  Prices are an approximation with the final cost to be confirmed depending on class particulars, numbers and location.

Enhancing Colours     wet-on-wet & veil painting techniques
Explore the realm of enhancing colours in the heat of the day & cool of the night.

Best run as a day long class with a break for lunch, at least 3½ hrs painting time required.   Some experience is helpful.   Cost approx $97 p/person

Geometric Veils 2014nov (VEIL web)
Geometric Veils

Geometric Veils     veil painting technique
Veil painting for beginners.  Learn the translucent technique of veil painting & discover  how colours play in layers.

A 2 hr class.  Ideal for beginners.  Cost approx     $72 p/person

Plant DRAWING     pencil drawing
Drawing is like a meditative process, that allows us to slow down &  look deeply at the world around us.  We will sketch nature, finding gestures that it reveals & a way to express them.

4 classes, 2-2½hrs each.  Excellent for all explorers in nature & pencil.   Cost approx $110 p/person

A Soul Journey in ‘After Seven’      Wet-on-wet painting & soft pastels

Develop your own unique artwork by transforming colour into form.  This is a safe, nurturing & encouraging class, developed to allow a feeling of freedom in creating out of colour.

We begin this journey by sinking into a full realm of colour, creating balance & harmony between the colours  & within ourselves.  Then your soul responds to this colourful painting by blending & tending the colours that called to you.  Thus begins your unique transformative journey of developing your own artwork from colour into form.  We will begin using the wet-on-wet painting technique & move into pastels.  Over 6 weeks we will work with your soul’s response & see what it wants to reveal & transform.  You work at your own pace, creating 1 or 2 pieces a week or working on the same piece over a few weeks.   This is your journey; you use your colours, work at your pace & develop your own original artwork.  I will be there to encourage & teach you the techniques you require to create your original piece.

6-8 2½ hr classes producing 6-9 pictures.  Excellent for all those wanting to develop their creativity & sink into the realm of colour, best run as a group.  Cost approx $192 p/person

The Mood of Trees   Wet-on-wet painting

Over 3 weeks we will look at 3 unique trees from our local landscape & paint each one from a different colour perspective.  Just as each plant grows into its own archetypal gesture, each colour has a characteristic soul mood.  We will work from these colour moods, feeling our way towards these trees’ gestures.  Explore the Jarrah, WA Peppermint & Ilyarrie with me, using the wet-on-wet painting technique.

3 x  2 hr classes.  Some wet-on-wet painting experience is helpful but not necessary.  Cost approx $152 p/person

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