A Soul’s Journey in ‘After Seven’

  Experience the JOY of creating with living colour

“There is a place in your soul where you can be touched, moved & delighted by the whispering of colour, journey there…”

 ‘AFTER SEVEN’ – Play, explore & listen to colour,  then watch form emerge out of it using the watery technique of wet on wet painting to allow flow to emerge &then delve into the layering technique of soft pastels.

Your investment of $262 includes paint materials, tools & all papers for 8 weeks.  Bring your own pastels, boards & a few other bits & pieces. 

We begin this journey by sinking into the realm of colour, creating balance & harmony between the colours  & within ourselves.  Then your soul responds to this colourful painting by blending & tending the colours that called to you.   You will learn to listen to your soul’s communication with colour (your instincts) & see what wants to emerge over the weeks from the colours.  Thus begins your unique individual journey of developing your own artwork from colour.

As this is your journey; you use the colours that call to you, work at your pace, creating 1 piece a week or working on the same piece over a few weeks & developing your own original artwork in your own original style.   I will be there to encourage, nurture, guide & teach you what you require to create your original piece.

This can be a challenging experience as we often have to let go of something to allow whatever is wanting to be seen emerge.

Paint materials & tools as well as all papers included.  Bring your own pastels, boards & a few other bits & pieces.

Suitable for all experience levels.

Classes held in Coolbellup.

We are currently just finishing an After Seven Journey.  Please contact me on the form below for future Journey dates.

Pam Moore

Join one of these small intimate classes and travel on your own unique inner journey of developing an artwork out of colour. These are safe & nurturing workshops designed to develop freedom in creating from colour.


Ian Parkes

What is wet on wet painting? This is a fluid form of watercolour painting.  We paint on wet paper with wet paints.  It can be tricky at first as you need to balance how much paint (fluid) to use and still retain control.  However, this is quickly learnt and then the fun begins.  I use wet on wet painting because we have to feel out way with it, and so we get out of our heads and into our hearts.  You have to give some of the control over the what is happening on the paper and work with it.

How do I enrol?  Send me an email via the contact sheet below and I’ll contact you to book you in.

Can I part pay?  Yes this can be arranged in discussion with Sharon.

What if I miss a week?  As long as it’s not the first week you will be ok.  During this course you will be working at your own pace so you can either work from home at a time convenient to you or just continue on at your next class.  Please remember we are working closely with rhythm, especially in the wet on wet workshop, and breaking this rhythm can have an impact on your creative flow.

What materials do I need to bring? When you enrol and materials list will be forwarded to you.

Painting boards, what are they and where do I get a one from?  Your board is one of your most essential tools.  You will use it as your foundation for your paper and will require 2.  Your board needs to fit paper that is 25x35cm and needs to be about 6mm thick.  Purchase from any good hardware store.  You can purchase a MDF board that requires no preparation or purchase a marine ply board that can be layered with varnish and sanded with love  to create a sealed waterproof board you will use for years to come.

What pastel do I get?  A good basic set of 24’s is a great place to start.  If you can purchase a box of halfs you generally get more colours to play with and then can replace the ones you use the most.  You just really need a beginning place and then you can add as your relationships with the colours you love grows.  If you’re low on funds, ask around and see if a friend has some they no longer want.

I can’t do the above dates but I really want to do this workshop?  If you can get 6 people together we can see about running a workshop that’s at a convenient time for all of us.

For enquiries fill in below contact form

‘The Shining Tree’ watercolour on paper 730x530mm

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