Your Weekly Colour Balance

To balance myself in my being I like to paint colours in harmony and balance in the form of a colour wheel (of sorts) – not always such a simple task.  They don’t always come out balanced but the fun is in the trying and I feel that’s where the balancing is too!  It may be difficult when you first begin, as all new things are, but it will get easier as you as you get to know the colours and their application.  I try to do this weekly or monthly to keep my soul nourished and resourced.  The video is sped up, please don’t try to paint this quickly, take your time, enjoy the colour and BREATHE you way though it.

Materials – PAINTS:  Stockmar watercolour paints (prusian & ultramarine blues, lemon yellow, carmine & red violet – all mixed to the same strength).  PAPER:  Arches 185gms cold pressed (in pad form only, I’ve found recently the larger sheets have faults in their sizing) or Saunders Waterford 190gms rough. BRUSH:  I like boar bristle brushes best, they move the paint around without removing it.

I find these materials and the wet-on-wet technique work beautifully to connect the soul realm to colour: allowing a wonderful conversation and flow between the two to take place., while you enjoy balancing the colour and in turn yourself.  ENJOY!!

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