Lazure Interiors

creating spaces breathing with colour

Lazure painting transforms solid walls into spaces breathing with living colour.  Translucent veils of colour are layered in undulating style, bringing gentle movement and creating a ‘breathing’ space where colour dances in the light.  See below for a general pricing guide.  A personal quote & conversation is always best & free!

Perth Waldorf School RECEPTION WALL

Cost – $400 per day, plus materials.  Average bedroom takes approx 3 days (incl: pre-design boards & final protective coating).  Material costs varying depending on the job – brushes cost approx $107 per colour tone (1 for warm, 1 for cool depending on colour finish required)  plus $120 for paints, medium & accessories.  This is an approximate cost only.

Colours – I recommend you choose colours to create the ‘mood’ you want in the room with a consciousness of its function eg; relaxing colours in a bedroom, active colours in a hallway, warm tones in a cool room, etc…  We can talk about colours when I come to see your spaceColour-Mixing-2107-WEB

How many days – An average size bedroom generally takes 3 days of approx 5 layers.  This includes 1/2 day for predesigns & 1/2 day for final protective layer. The amount of layers you require will depend on the overall finish you desire.  I like to paint the final layers of colour with you there, so that the end result feels just right for you.  Once a wall or room begins to come alive with colour what we wanted can often shift slightly!  Please note motifs take longer to paint.

Preparation – Walls need a good coating of a flat white paint ready for lazuring, try a natural paint that doesn’t ‘off-gas’.  How many coats will depend on the colour your walls are, remember, the ‘whiter’ the wall the more the colour will radiated.  Lazure will only enhance anything that is there, it won’t hide it, so make sure any holes or scratches on your walls are filled, sanded and primed before flat coat painting begins.

This effect is suitable for any light filled room.

Perth Waldorf School RECEPTION WALL

For conversations or quotes for your space, contact Sharon with the below contact form.

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