Painting & Pastels, south-of-the river, w Sharon D Clifford

Join me on a Soul Journey in ‘After Seven’

6wks      $192     8-10am Sundays – 3 May to 7 Jun


Develop your own unique artwork by transforming colour into form.  This is a safe, nurturing & encouraging class, developed to allow a feeling of freedom in creating out of colour.

We begin this journey by sinking into a full realm of colour, creating balance & harmony between the colours  & within ourselves.  Then your soul responds to this colourful painting by blending &  tending the colours that called to you.    Thus begins your unique transformative journey of developing your own artwork from colour into form.  We will begin using the wet-on-wet painting technique & move into pastels.  Over 6 weeks we will work with your soul’s response & see what it wants to reveal & transform.  You work at your own pace, creating 1 or 2 pieces a week or working on the same piece over a few weeks.   This is your journey; you use your colours, work at your pace and develop your own original artwork.  I will be there to encourage and teach you the techniques you require to create your original piece.

I will provide the papers and paints and all tools, you need to bring a set of soft pastels (24 at least), a kneadable eraser and 2 painting boards (approx 45x59cm).  Suitable for all experience levels. Held at Perth Waldorf School, Bibra Lake


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2015 January 'Drawing & Seeing' class
2015 January ‘Drawing & Seeing’ class

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