February and March 2017 News

Enjoy my second wet on wet watercolour painting

‘Sailing 3’

This teaser is very fast

 to view a slower, clearer version click on the below link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3ZZE_O7JtE where you can take in and enjoy the detail of the painting as well as beautiful music by Johannes Kornberger, oh and see my CAT, Bo!

SdC 2017 Projects

One of the bodies of work I’ve embarked on this year is to paint a self portrait each month.  I’m looking at how my inner life emerges as I join with colour and create my own image.  What do we see of ourselves when we look in a mirror?  Is this reflected out into the world or hidden behind a facade?  As an artist how do I express this in my work: is each face totally different, can we see the similarity within them, what will I share with the outer world…
To watch my portraits emerge Like my Facebook Artist page (remember to click ‘get notifications’).  If you’re not a Facebooker you can still see the page as its public – just check each month.

The David Giles Art Studios

in High Street, Fremantle, currently has my below work on show and for sale for February and March.

Saturday STUDIO Mornings

Saturday mornings are for creating.  Throw off your weekly grime and enjoy the feeling of sinking into colour.   9-11.30, $25, Coolbellup. Come and join us and breathe creativity.


Is summer really coming to an end?  Is that the feeling of Autumn’s cool mornings already arriving?

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