SdC Gallery Update

TOMORROW (Wednesday 17th May) I’ll be at the Moore’s Gallery
from 10-4.

Come & see me & talk all things art!
This exhibition is a great opportunity to find INSPIRATION or purchase amazing artwork at very reasonable prices!

Right around the corner in High Street you can see my new work at the David Giles Art Studios.

(see below for more details)

Currently on Show at
The David Giles Art Studios
in High Street, Fremantle,
I generally use a whole canvas to explore colour blending, variation and relationship between the colours however recently I’ve been working on smaller squares, sitting side by side, on the one canvas. Here squares of colour converse with their neighbours & as a whole. By altering just one square the artwork can change it’s gesture, expression & mood.  Interesting how powerful a square of colour can be!

These pieces look great individually or grouped together.above from top down; ‘Cool Squares’ acrylic on canvas 460x460mm $350
‘Warm Squares One, Two, Three & Four’ acrylic on canvas 360x310mm $260ea, 2 for $480, 4 for $890

‘Cool Squares small’ acrylic on canvas 410x355m $320
below: ‘Cool Squares One & Two’, 305x305mm $220ea or 2 for $400



Artists From The Freedom School At The Moores
‘The Inner Self’

I’ll be in the Moore’s GALLERY all day tomorrow
(Wednesday 17th May) from 10-4.

Moore’s Building, 46 Henry Street, Fremantle
Exhibition open daily from 10am-4pm, on show from 12 – 28 May.
36 amazing artists exhibiting.

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