SdC Gallery Update


TOMORROW (Wednesday 17th May) I’ll be at the Moore’s Gallery
from 10-4.

Come & see me & talk all things art!
This exhibition is a great opportunity to find INSPIRATION or purchase amazing artwork at very reasonable prices!

Right around the corner in High Street you can see my new work at the David Giles Art Studios.

(see below for more details)

Currently on Show at
The David Giles Art Studios
in High Street, Fremantle,
I generally use a whole canvas to explore colour blending, variation and relationship between the colours however recently I’ve been working on smaller squares, sitting side by side, on the one canvas. Here squares of colour converse with their neighbours & as a whole. By altering just one square the artwork can change it’s gesture, expression & mood.  Interesting how powerful a square of colour can be!

These pieces look great individually or grouped together.above from top down; ‘Cool Squares’ acrylic on canvas 460x460mm $350
‘Warm Squares One, Two, Three & Four’ acrylic on canvas 360x310mm $260ea, 2 for $480, 4 for $890

‘Cool Squares small’ acrylic on canvas 410x355m $320
below: ‘Cool Squares One & Two’, 305x305mm $220ea or 2 for $400



Artists From The Freedom School At The Moores
‘The Inner Self’

I’ll be in the Moore’s GALLERY all day tomorrow
(Wednesday 17th May) from 10-4.

Moore’s Building, 46 Henry Street, Fremantle
Exhibition open daily from 10am-4pm, on show from 12 – 28 May.
36 amazing artists exhibiting.

Term 1, 2015 Classes

A Soul Journey in ‘After Seven’

6 wks Saturdays  21 Feb-28 Mar, 9-11.30am  or  Mondays  23 Feb-31 Mar, 9-11.30am

$192 (incls all materials – please provide your own painting board)

Develop your own unique artwork by transforming colour into form.  This is a safe & nurturing class, developed to allow a feeling of freedom in creating with colour.  I will stand by you as you travel your own personal journey of creative exploration.  No experience is necessary.

We begin this journey by sinking into a full realm of colour, creating balance & harmony between the colours  & within ourselves.  Then your soul responds to this colourful painting by blending &  tending the colours that called to you.    Thus begins your unique transformative journey of colour into form.  We will begin using the wet-on-wet painting technique & move into pastels.  Over 6 weeks we will work with your soul’s response & see what it wants to reveal & transform.    Held in my studio in Watermans.

The Mood of Trees

3 wks – Mondays  2, 9, 16 Mar, 12.30-2.30

$152 (incls all materials – please provide your own painting board)

Over 3 weeks we will look at 3 unique trees from our local landscape & paint each one from a different colour perspective.

Just as each plant grows into its own archetypal gesture, each colour has a characteristic soul mood.  We will work from these colour moods, feeling our way towards these trees’ gestures.  Explore the Jarrah, WA Peppermint & Ilyarrie with me, using the wet-on-wet painting technique.    Held in my studio in Watermans.

 Casual Studio Sessions

Saturdays 9-11.30, $25* per session

Make that special time for yourself to be creative.  Come work in my private studio, on your own piece, receiving input or tuition or just enjoying creating in the company of others.   I can organise materials for you & you can pay a materials fee (see below) or you can bring your own.   Pre-booking & full payment is essential to guarantee your place.  Held in my studio in Watermans.  Please bring your own painting or drawing board for ease in taking your work home.

* does not include materials fee of $5 (1 sheet paper + w.colour paints or pastels)

To register your interest please fill out the below form, someone will get back to you shortly…

A colourful painting experience…

Last week I found myself driving 2 and 1/2 hrs south of Perth through Donnybrook and onto the beautiful Bio-Dynamic farm of Brett Kirkpatrick and Leonie Inger called Dugite Farm.

As I drove through the farm, past the golden fields of hay and green acres of vegetables, dams full of cool dark water and paddocks of white and black inquisitive cows, sheds of machinery and an aeroplane hanger on the hill, I came to the newly built workshop room we were to paint in.   Not a single snake had I seen or did I!

I was there to give a workshop of wet on wet painting to a wonderfully rich group of amazing people.  All of them were locals and we had 3 generations of the same family painting.

Brett hung the door of the new dunny just in time as people began to arrived.  We began early, some participants had experience and some didn’t, all where just happy to be there, taking a day out of their schedule for something different.  Some people didn’t even know what they were there to do.  I spoke about colour: its impact on our soul and its characteristics and we quickly sunk into painting.  ‘Fire in the Landscape’ was our first painting and the felt experience of weighing and balancing the colours everybody developed quickly.

We breathed out with a cuppa, lovely homemade baking and a big conversation of what had just happened for everyone.  Keen to move onto the next painting, ‘Standing on the Precipice’, we painted again.  Most enjoyed the challenges this new painting brought, a different kind of weighing colour and developing variation between and within the colours.  More of a challenge but still with the result of lovely artworks showing a beautiful range of individuality and character.

A shared lunch saw us nourish our bodies and the afternoon rolled into more painting and even some drawing.  Participants were able to experience repainting one of the artworks.  This often sounds boring however the first time we paint a painting we are mapping out what is to be done and how to possibly do it.  The second time we paint a painting we sink deeply into the colours, feeling their effects on each other and enjoying the process with more control and direction.  We breath differently this time around coming from a different perspective.

We finished far later than we had expected as we just couldn’t stop talking and an invite to come down again in March was warmly accepted.

2015jan DonnybrookThank you everyone for such a lovely day and to Leonie for bringing us all together for this experience.