Workshops coming up this week

Soul Journeys into the Healing Realm of Colour

 The Rainbow Experience – wash your soul in the moods of the full colour range using the wet on wet painting technique. Find balance & harmony between the colours & within yourself.

 The Souls Calling – using the wet on wet technique delve into your souls response to the Rainbow Experience. Colour will be blended & tended & you will see what arises. I invite you to use this painting to begin a soul filled journey in ‘After Seven… the souls conversation with colour’ – to be continued at home or during studio mornings in Watermans (more information at Classes, Workshops & Studio Days)

 Individual Sessions are available & tailored to meet your personal requirements in technique &/or content.

 Suitable for beginners, dabblers and adventures in colour

 Group Session Dates

Sunday 26th Oct: Rainbow Experience 10am, The Souls Calling 12noon

Monday 27th Oct: Rainbow Experience 1pm, The Souls Calling 3pm

Friday 31st Oct: Rainbow Experience 9am, The Souls Calling 11am

 Individual Sessions: 1x$65 or 2x$120, Group Sessions: 1x $40 or 2x$72

Studio Sessions: 1x$20 or 4x$75 or 8x$148 ** for Bundled discounts see pricing online at

** Bring your own materials or receive materials provided for an extra $5

 For inquiries & bookings use our contact form.

 magenta rainbow 4 adj web

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