November Colour Opportunities

Group Sessions in Watermans

Sunday 23rd Nov – 10-12.30 or Monday 24th Nov – 9.30-12.30

Breath in and out by painting two wet on wet paintings – $72

The Rainbow Experience followed by The Souls Calling


The Rainbow Experience – looking for the balance between the colours can help us find balance within ourselves.

The Souls Calling – delve into your souls response to the Rainbow Experience by blending and tending colour.

An invitation is open to all participants to journey in ‘After Seven… the souls conversation with colour’ – to be continued at home or during studio mornings, Sat 10-12.30 in Watermans,

1x$20 or 4x$75 or 8x$148, booking essential

Click here to see bundled price discounts

Classes suitable for beginners, dabblers & adventures in colour

Individual Sessions tailored to meet your personal requirements in technique &/or content;

1x$65 or 2x$120,

For bookings fill in our contact form below

Walking on the Edge of her World 2013 (acrylic)
Walking on the Edge of her World 2013 (acrylic)

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