Feeling your way into colour…

To me, colour is something that lives and breaths within us and when we can get our heads around this and allow our hearts to feel it, we can then allow it to live through us. Connecting with colour is what I do in my artwork and in my life.

008Depending on where our heads and, often in turn, our hearts are, depends on how colour can live through us and out into the world.  Sometimes we only allow the tiniest space for colour to breath within us, like when you glimpse a brief memory of the intense colour of the orange you just ate.  Other times colour flows from us like a gushing river onto the page or canvas and you can’t stop interacting with it or looking at it and adding to it and breathing it in, for days. And of course there are all those in between moments  where you do stop to smell the roses and appreciate their amazing colours..009

How many times do we allow the sensations of a colour experience to be fully absorbed in your being?  Next time you go outside take a leaf or flower and hold it up towards the light, close to your eyes so that you see the light tinted by the colour.  You are seeing colour through the living veil of the plant.  Look in this way for at least a minute and feel the effect it has on you.  Take what your eye is seeing and imagine it reflecting inwardly, allowing your soul to be bathed in the colour.

When you have finished bathing note how you feel and how this colour experienced carries into your day…  Each colour has a different quality or ‘mood’ soul.  What mood did the colour you experience have, what mood did you take into the next part of your day?

If you don’t have a living colour to experience, use whatever you can, coloured glass, fabric, just begin the experience of feeling your way into colour…