Reflections on Creating Colour OPENING

… an exhibition of works by Sharon D Clifford

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Jill Whitfield, long time friend, colleague & writer, opened my exhibition last Friday.  Her kind words painted an image of me working in duality; a driven depth delver with a surprising playfulness.  She told of my openness towards my work in relation to the viewer, encouraging the audience to bring their own stories to it & the importance of art in our world today & the nourishment it brings.  She encouraged everyone to support this work in whatever way they can.

For me, I create my artwork in solitude, it’s just me & the colour & I sink into the experience fully.  I go on a journey with each individual piece & with the colours I am working with in that piece & as I create, stories often arise.

So when I have an exhibition I put all these stories’s together in one place & it is very moving for me to see how they speak to each other & the space they are hanging in.  Everyone agreed on the night that the spaces at The Sound Temple are uniquely special in themselves & they added their own delightful tone to the night, along with Kim’s beautiful music.

I hope everyone who came had the opportunity to take something from the night home with them, whether an artwork, an imagination or inspiration or a precious conversation or connection.

To all those who are yet to experience my exhibition, I hope you find similar opportunities in the precious space that has been created by us all.   My exhibition is on Sat 24th Feb – Sat 7th Apr at The Sound Temple Gallery, 100 Marshwood Pl, Sawyers Valley.  Viewing Sat 10-12, during events or by appointment.  The below work is currently on exhibition:

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Thank you to everyone who helped make my night the special event it was:

To all those who purchased tickets & made the space in their busy lives to share this very special night with me.  Not such an easy thing these days!

To all those who found the resources to buy something on the night.  I so truely love when my work finds it’s home.

To Dawn, Janis, Melissa, Pauline & Mungo; The Sound Temple‘s incredible team.  To Kim for her ethereal sounds & Alan for supporting her.  To Mandi from Cherish You Photography for your beautiful images.  You all supported & held me & my work & helped create the evening around us.



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