Night of Colour, Food and Music, Fri, 23rd Feb

Join me & soul musician Kim Echammaal Coull on Feb 23rd, 7-9pm, as together we bring you a night rich in colour, food & sound at the beautiful Sound Temple.  Click here for bookings, tickets $15.

“Sharon is a dedicated student of colour.  Whether working with wet on wet watercolour technique or layering acrylics or pastels, she is inspired by the endless interactions between colours. She explores variations in colour & forms that arise, always seeking for the balance that allows colours to sing together in harmony.

Kim brings her gifts of music to soothe your soul & awaken your senses to this angelic display of artworks.  Her sound will open your heart to the sensitivity of the layers contained within the artwork that appear to breathe with life & allow you to connect with it in your own unique, individual way.”

This night opens an exhibition of my works ‘Colour Creating’  23rd Feb – 7th April at The Sound Temple Gallery, 100 Marshwood Pl, Sawyers Valley.  Gallery open Saturdays 10-12 or by appointment or when attending events.

Original artworks, prints & cards for sale.

Connection, watercolour and pencil on paper 53x39cm (unmounted) $625 PRINTS AVAILABLE

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