Techniques & Mediums

Drawing feeds us; it helps us to see the world we live in, in detail, and so it also brings us clarity. It’s pretty tricky to make ourselves sit down and draw, our whole being seems to want to pull away from this activity, however the longer we persist the more our drawing flows and flourishes and we see more and more of the world around us and of the world within us… Keep drawing it feeds us.

Painting is the flow of colour for me.  I used watercolours because I find this flowing medium soothing on the soul, wet on wet is more immediate than veil painting.   With acrylics, gouche and pastels there are no mistakes, you can just keep going over and over until you find what you want – they are more forgiving, but also slightly thicker in many ways.

Wet on Wet watercolour is a technique of painting on moist paper – the colours flow like no other technique and the art of manipulating it is a feeling, soul quality one gathers as they learn.

Veil watercolour is the process of layering veils of translucent watercolour paint over and over and over, creating beautiful soft tones and hues.  This technique requires more of thinking and an idea of where you want to be journeying.

I do like to mix techniques and mediums – I just work with whatever the piece needs.  I’m currently playing around with wet on wet and veil techniques on the same work – there are no boundaries, it’s just us who need to be fearless!

I could write so much on this page but don’t want to overwhelm or bore you with information.  So if you want to know anything specific contact me (either on the contact page or at the bottom of this page) and I’ll answer your question directly.

Flower 2008 (wet on wet)
Flower 2008 (wet on wet)

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