To Create & To Draw

Many people feel like their lives are lacking ‘creativity‘.  Let’s take the word ‘creativity’ back to ‘create’ & consider in what aspects of our lives we ‘create’.  Cooking, organising our homes or our sheds, gardening, the way we work or even dressing ourselves, just to name a few.  We create in all sorts of ways that we don’t notice & so, are creating more often than we realise.  Are you enjoying how you’re creating?  Could you spice it up, or down a little?  Now you can see just how creative you really are & pay attention to where you CREATE in 2019…

… Or better still, begin with next Fridays workshop Colour, Trees & Me’, 10-2.30, lunch provided $120.
Come & create with us.

‘Moon Bathing II’, watercolour on paper 37.5x56cm $625
Moon Bathing I’, watercolour & pencil on paper 37×28.5cm $480


Sometimes a theme calls me to keep working it. It pulls me along & I’m always keen to see where it wants to go & how it will finish. So I paint or draw numerous versions of it, sometimes they totally change, sometimes they are only slightly different, like these ones. Although I must say, the first few in this series were totally different!


This year, once again, I have endeavoured to draw more, from our living world & from images.   Drawing slows us down & takes us to another realm of time where we breathe deeply, nourished, connected & focused on the often, unnoticed beauty around us.When we draw we use a part of our brains that we don’t use in other areas of life & so sometimes drawing can feel uncomfortable as It can be hard to ‘switch’ this part of our brains on or to switch the active part of our brains off!

Drawing is also about seeing; really looking at what it is you are drawing & seeing it well enough to be able to draw it.  ‘Seeing’ is like the silent essential partner required for a good drawing a bit like listening is the silent essential partner required for a good conversation.

How do you see?  Try this; look at an object, really look at it, try to see all of its detail, it’s dimensions & proportions, it’s texture, how the light falls on it.  Try to take in as much as you possibly can.

Now close your eyes & re-create it in your imagination or draw it on a piece of paper (don’t worry about what it looks like, just recreate what you can remember, without looking at the object.  Include all the aspects you’ve remembered & notice just how much you have & haven’t see.  Once you’ve imagined or drawn everything you can remember, look again at your object, without looking at your page, & try once again to take in all those aspects you missed.  Then close your eye & continue imagining or drawing the object.

Move back & forth between your imagination/page & your object.  Until you feel you’ve fully seen your subject enough to be able to recreate it fully.

It can be difficult to slow down to drawn, yet when you do it is well worth it, so take the time to breathe, connect & draw, draw & draw.

I hope to see you all creating in your own individual ways throughout 2019
warmly Sharon

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