December News

I’m starting a monthly newsletter to keep you all up to date with whats happening on canvas or paper, with colour, inside my studio and out.  Below are newly finished works, exhibition information and news of whats yet to come. ENJOY…

Newly finished works from this month include

Upcoming Exhibition

This term I’ve been painting on Saturday afternoons in David Giles Freedom School.  It’s been wonderful to dedicate a whole afternoon to exploring different techniques and sinking into colour even more.

Our end of term exhibition will be opening on Sunday 11 Dec 1-4pm at the Freedom School, in Studio 11, 11 Captains Lane, (3rd cottage on the right of the Roundhouse) in Fremantle.  If you can’t make the opening the exhibition is running from 4th Dec until 7th Jan .  Come and have a look and see what we’ve been up to, there’s a wide range of artworks by talented artist to enjoy and lots of very reasonable priced art pieces to buy.

Studio now in Coolbellup

Remember I’ve moved my studio to Coolbellup and Saturday morning Studio Classes are still running throughout December and the new year, 9-11.30, $25.  I’m looking at opening a Wednesday morning Studio Class if I have the numbers, let me know if you’re interested.  Come and join us and breath creativity.

What’s to Come

Wet on wet painting videos – monthly released from January

More newly finished artworks from 2016

I wish everyone a peacefully, joy-filled Christmas time of year

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