Generative Scribing is something I’m on a journey into.  I’m exploring & it’s developing within me.

Generative Scribing; someone makes visual, in front of the room/group, content that is taking shape from within the space that is being held, activating the inner life of the SOCIAL FIELD, the unseen, yet felt territory of HUMAN INTERACTION.  Each drawing maps territory a social body is trying to communicate, understand or connect with.  The content often connects strongly to those within the space.  My work has begun looking like this, some from live scribes with groups of people from 40 – 150, others from podcasts or interviews.

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The content resonates for those who are present and can see quite ‘strange’ out of this context.

Scribing, someone stands in front of a wall and creates a piece that assists in seeing literal content & tangible knowns as they are being spoken.  I don’t do this very well yet.  I can collect & collate information live and then pull it together, later.

I’m enjoying watching how it is transforming within & surfacing through me & I’m finding different applications for it in various areas of my work.

For more information on Generative Scribing watch this video of Otto Sharman interviewing Kelvy Bird.